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What does a student do, if they lose connection during a quiz or test? What is the procedure?
What if i cant access the system late at night
What if i cant access the system early in the morning?
I need to re-submit an assignment
Uploading a document into New iNET
Uploading a document into iNET
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How to do's
What features should my PC have?
Enable or disable cookies on chrome
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Career Services
I cant login to career services
What services does career services provide
Microsoft Office
Word Reference sheet
Excel Reference sheet
Office Reference sheet
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Web Advisor/Grades
How to find grades
I've been having issues opening my web advisor
How to find classes that I'm enrolled in
If your a 8 week online student see the attached document
How do I Enable Cookies in Firefox
Browser Checks, Installation Wizards, and Diagnostic Tools for Pearson website
How to download and install Firefox on Windows
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New Office 365 info and phone email setup
I cant login to email or it's asking for a password
Error when connecting to email
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How can I configure the Exception Site List for Java
Software needed for Netlabs
How to enable JavaScript in your browser
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Trouble with uploading
Uploading a document into New iNET
New replacement for Ebsco Host is called Gale
SPAM emails
10 tips for spotting a phishing email
Phishing Scams explained Video
Check out the "Dont Get Hooked From SPAM" resource
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Access to classes
Why cant i see my classes
why cant I reply to a post or an assignment
Recommend software
What software is needed to view or attend sessions in Big Blue Button?
Microsoft Office viewers
Software needed for companion web site for online experience class
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Time in Iowa
Iowa Time is also provided in the iNET
How can I tell what time it is in Iowa?
How can I tell what time it is in Iowa #2
Google Chromebook
View and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
How to Convert RTF Files to Google Docs on Your Chromebook
awesome file opener for chrome rtf files
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Big Blue Button
What software is needed to view or attend sessions
What are the minimum requirements for the BigBlueButton client
BBB Viewer Tutorial
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Turnitin, it gives me an error message saying I need to click here to agree
Turnitin, it gives me an error message saying I need to click here to agree
How do i get my transcripts
Smart Thinking
How to upload a document into smart thinking
Cengage learning not working
Software needed for the cengage assignment in SVD118
Vital Source eBooks
eBook not showing up, things to try?
Browser Requirements for Vital eBooks
Bookshelf Download Page for All platforms of devices
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office 2013
What's New in Office 2013
Change which programs Windows uses by default
Coaching Authorization or Coaching Endorsement
Coaching Authorization or Coaching Endorsement Link to Information
Non-Credit Coaching Authorization Courses Link to Information
Online/FlexNet Courses Offered
Online/FlexNet Courses Offered link to information
Installing Windows in a virtual machine using VMware Fusion-Video
Howto: Windows 8 Full Installation on VMWare Fusion
Getting Started with VMware Fusion
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How to submit assignments on the Ipad to iNET
Launching Web Start applications with Java
Launching jnlp with Web Start applications with Java on a MAC
How to install Java
16 Quick Shortcuts to Work Faster in Windows
MyITLab, MyMathLab, MyNursingLab, MyLanguageLab
Pearson 24/7 Technical Support For MyITLab, MyMathLab, MyNursingLab, MyLanguageLab
How are weighted grades calculated
Microsoft office 365
Microsoft office 365
Instructor Canvas Information(LMS)
Instructors How to set dates on Assignments
Instructors How to set dates on Quizzes
Instructors How to set dates on Discussions
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