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New Office 365 info and phone email setup


1.       The migration synced your items from your email account that was at Iowa Central - I have found that folders placed in a non-mail areas like under tasks were not migrated.  Please do a quick check to see if anything is missing.

2.       Accessing folders under your inbox - when you first login you will need to click "more" (located directly under Drafts) - once the view changes you need to click on the arrow pointing down next to your inbox to expand that area.  So down arrow means there are folders under that folder.

3.       The University of Colorado has created whole series of Email Tutorials for Outlook Web access and many questions can be answered here.

4.       You can install office 365 on up to 5 personal computers.  You must remove any versions of office installed on the computer and then install from the download link in the upper right zone of the main landing page.  Once installed don't forget you must login with your credential you use to log into office 365. (otherwise you can't save).  Under other installs you can also install the apps on a compatible phone or tablet.

5.       You can configure the outlook program you installed with office 365 on your computer or phone to open your email.

6.       A guide to setting up your email to phones can be found here 

7.       Email Sync settings - username field will be "IC username" and server will be Domain field will be blank.


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